Why You Need a Highly Experienced Real Estate Agent in Miami

Miami has been the rich and famous playground for a long time. Its vibrant nightlife and culture, sunny weather, great beaches and golf courses, world-class dining and welcoming atmosphere attracts visitors, investors and those who want to relocate. Whether you are planning to buy a primary luxury residence or a Miami holiday home, you need an experienced real estate agent. Those who are specialized in the purchase and sale of luxury properties can save money and make money.
In general, the luxury market, and especially in Miami, is another animal. Having a qualified real estate agent represent you when buying a luxury property doesn’t cost you anything because the seller always pays the full real estate broker commission divided between the broker of the seller and the broker of the buyer. An experienced agent of real estate who understands market nuances offers value in the following ways:

Identifying the property

It can be overwhelming to search for a luxury home or condominium to buy in a large metropolitan area, especially if you add it in addition to other personal and business obligations. When consulting an experienced real estate agent, they will learn about your needs and needs, helping to narrow down your search. A good agent will identify properties that are listed under market value for all of your needs, allowing you to make money when you buy. He or she will also have a strong network to find out about luxury properties with greatly reduced distress and luxury properties owned by banks.

Saving money

The knowledge and network of an experienced real estate agent will also save you money. Unless you build from the ground up, when you buy, you’ll probably want to make some changes. Maybe you want only cosmetic changes, like painting, or you want to make simple repairs, like concrete cracks, or a loose stairway. You may also want an older property to be restored or a complete remodeling.For all your needs, a reputable agent has a network of contractors and subcontractors including painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pool service, landscaping, and more. You’ll often get a discounted rate with a referral and be assured you’ve got reputable contractors doing the work you need.

Knowledge of the market

Beyond listing prices, the regular housing market and the luxury housing market differ in several ways. The biggest difference is the way buyers and sellers look at their homes. Their primary residence is their largest asset for the average person and they often carry a mortgage; buying a new home often depends on selling their former home. Often those who sell luxury homes don’t have to sell, but they want to sell, especially if the property is a second or third home. This leads to multiple luxury market speculative listings.

Knowledge of upcoming major projects

Miami’s exponential growth in recent decades has spawned a wide range of quality properties, particularly in terms of high-rise condominium buildings. There are developers advertising their properties as luxurious in every real estate cycle in Miami; they include elite amenities such as valet parking, concierge service, swimming pools, spas, and more. Interior elements include a wide range of construction materials including natural stone, custom cabinets, ornate fittings, and more.
Some of these properties do not live up to their hype after closer inspection due to the design and building materials chosen by the developer. Unsuspecting buyers buy these properties with little market knowledge and end up unhappy with their purchase. This is particularly true with regard to pre-construction projects.

An experienced property agent dealing with luxury properties in Miami knows the major players; they know which properties are designed and built to the quality standard that earns the “luxury” label from a building. They understand the building patterns of Miami, they know how to read floor plans, and they can guide you in selecting a reputable developer to end up with the quality property you intended to purchase from Miami real estate agencies. Not only do the best agents in Florida real estate commission have knowledge of the major developers and projects in Miami, but they also have a strong sense that allows them to separate those properties that are too good to be true from those you would like to call home.