Just How To Go Down On A Woman – 14 Suggestions To Be Described As A Cunnilingus Master

Just How To Go Down On A Woman – 14 Suggestions To Be Described As A Cunnilingus Master

You’re right here since you desire to step up your sex that is oral game . or the entire occasion is an annoying puzzle – one you simply can’t appear to find out.

It really is okay. You are not the only person.

There was a lot of force (especially whenever we look for a partner that is new to do well in all respects – from foreplay into the main occasion – and now we’re often too bashful or embarrassed to inquire of for help or advice.

In this guide, we’ll glance at all techniques that are possible suggestions to assist you impressed your ladyfriend.


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There is absolutely no one “technique” to giving cunnilingus that is great. That which works for starters partner may perhaps maybe not work with another.

Consequently, there’s no sense in dishing out tongue action the exact same manner every time. You must explore, take to various things, and remember that every brand new partner is going to be an exploration that is new.


In terms of loving their egos stroked, women can be no different than guys – attention is attention, most likely.

Seeing somebody acting like their sucking in the world’s many sour lemon will not assist have them down.

“i really could invest forever down here” could be the attitude that is right just like the cliche “you’re dying of thirst and she is water”. Your enthusiasm allows her to flake out and concentrate on the moment instead of stressing if her partner is having a good time.


You will find hills of other activities it is possible to state in order to make her feel just like a goddess.

  • You taste amazing
  • God, you appear breathtaking
  • I really like the real means you groan
  • I favor it whenever you [insert action right here]

Because let’s face it, lots of people are insecure.

Ladies particularly have great deal to be concerned about.

Despite great hygiene, there can nevertheless be normal smells, uncontrollable release (hey, our vagoos gotta clean themselves somehow), durations, spotting, infections, and hair (which, for whatever reason, freaks out many people).

The line, “Don’t worry, baby. [Insert something right right here] does not bother me personally at all” can get kilometers towards making her feel comfortable. Arousing her mind is simply as crucial as her body.


The woman that is average 15 to 40 moments to possess an orgasm.

They should flake out, relax their ideas, while focusing on the pleasure, perhaps perhaps not the billion annoying things which are rattling around inside their minds, including understanding that your partner might be down there for the time that is long the top O still may not happen.

Permitting her understand she’s got all of the amount of time in the planet, and therefore you’re not merely delighted, but damn enthusiastic about setting up the time, earns a BILLION brownie points.

5. utilize BOTH HANDS

Because taking place on a lady is much more of a marathon, it is entirely appropriate to just just take a rest as soon as your lips, tongue, as well as neck gets exhausted.

Making use of your hand to stimulate her clitoris, g-spot, inner thighs, breasts ( or other element of her body that keeps the fires going) won’t make you lose energy. It shall only increase it.

Don’t forget the others of her human anatomy if you are heading down on the. Multitasking is awesome!


A woman/man just isn’t milf sites less of the woman/man when they bring a vibrating buddy to the celebration.

Utilizing a vibrating dildo or bullet will probably be your companion if things be seemingly stalling. Do not forget the lube.

NOTE: nearly all women enjoy constant vibrations (and deep/rumbly in the place of buzzy) rather than the “patterns” many toys come with.

You may such as these Bluetooth, app-controlled adult toys:


It is perhaps perhaps not simply “woman on her back”.

Placing a pillow under her sides will make things more accessible and simpler in your throat.

Being on her behalf fingers and knees makes her anus better to arrive at (if she likes that type of thing).

Switching to 69 makes things an enjoyable conclusion on who are able to endure more than one other before we stop utilizing our mouths because things just feel too damn good.


Asking her if she likes everything you’re doing will allow you to make smarter sense of the roadmap this is certainly her vagina – it is extremely fine to inquire of!

Additionally, look closely at just how her body techniques.

If she’s arching hips, bucking to your lips, or moving her place somewhat, it is a cue her what she wants for you to go with the flow and give.


Several times adult actresses are faking it, so copying just just what some one did to your porn that is favorite star perhaps not focus on your girlfriend.

There are numerous real methods that individuals have recommended:

  • Licking ice-cream
  • Writing the alphabet along with your tongue
  • Gentle/hard drawing
  • Utilizing some other part of your tongue
  • Stimulating various areas of the labia
  • Penetration together with your tongue
  • Humming.moaning in order to make vibrations

There’s no grail that is holy of. You will need to discover the mix which makes her pop.


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As soon as you’ve discovered something that really works, keep at it.

Don’t go all throughout the destination attempting to show down simply how much your yoga course has made every thing versatile, even your tongue.


Over the edge unless you’ve clearly established that your particular play session is about teasing and denying, keep the motions going until you send her.

Stop whenever she lets you know to – since there is absolutely absolutely nothing worse than being in the center of a climax, your spouse thinking it is over, stopping, but she’s gotn’t quite got within the advantage yet. UGH!


Exactly like guys, not everybody likes having their regions that are nether when they’ve had a climax from dental intercourse.

Things could often be too sensitive and painful and any extra stimuli can certainly make them jump or twitch ( perhaps not in a way that is good and destroy their post-orgasmic bliss.


Many people truly don’t just like the sense of locks on the face or mouths, and I have it.

However, let’s be truthful, to ask her to shave or wax when she truly doesn’t desire to does not precisely make her feel 100%.

HINT: ingrown hairs and razor burn is NOT a fun thing to cope with. It shall foster emotions inadequacy in place of desire. It is up to you – either learn to be okay with it or find a way to politely not do it, but keep your partner’s feeling’s intact how you deal with.

14. utilize DENTAL DAMS

“It’s far better to be safe and embarrassing than unsafe and sorry”

Aided by the multitude of STIs on the market, whipping out a dental dam is since necessary as utilizing a condom by having a guy. Fairness and security both methods, people.